Note to Parents and Dancers: Don't forget to contact me to let me know that you are interested in participating in my "Dancers Outside the Studio" project. These are photographs of dancers in unusual places like fields, woods, bridges, tunnels, streets, warehouses, old buildings, etc. This is a personal project so you will be able to download the high resolution files at no charge.

I will be able to work with one to three dancers at a time and will work with each dancer individually plus all at once if you are interested in doing that as well. Outfits can be simple dance leotards, flowing dresses, or even something like shorts or jeans and a tank top with hair down rather than up in a bun.

Here is a link to another photographer's work to give you and idea of the types of photographs I'm talking about:

Just use the contact link above to let me know you would like to participate. I look forward to hearing from you.